What do we do

Every video has a message and we pride ourselves on working closely with you to discover the core of that message and how we can most effectively communicate it to your target audience. We value production value, which means you get our best shot every time.

How do we do it

We believe that a production company is more than just lights, cameras, and software. It's about big ideas, and the people that come together to execute those ideas. Sure, fancy equipment is great, but the best videos are made with strong relationships.

Why do we do it

We care less about the product and more about the change it can create. Video is just a cog in your branding wheel (albeit a powerful one). Therefore, your video should be conducive to meeting your marketing goals by integrating with and further enhancing your current brand identity.

Where do we do it

We're a small production company in Columbia, SC. But don't let that word "small" fool you. We want you to have the biggest, baddest video on the block, and we're gonna do whatever it takes to make that happen. We're Dust of the Ground, and we're ready when you are.

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Austin Grebenc


Jeremy Lethco


For more examples of our work, visit our vimeo page (there's a link right down there in the contact section).

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